Storage FAQs

How do I know what size unit I will need?
Determining what size you will need can be confusing. Our expert managers will go over what items you will be storing and figure out the perfect size for you. At the same time, they will give you moving tips and help make the process much easier. Just give us a call or better yet stop in for a complimentary tour of the facility!

Where can I find a reputable moving company?
Just ask! We have several companies that we can refer you to!

Do I have to sign a lease?
You will only sign a month to month lease. Stay one month or stay as long as you like.

Who has access to my unit ... ?
Once you take possession and lock your unit only you will have access. Your lock is exclusive and only you will have keys to it.

Is insurance included with my rental?
Renting a storage space is similar to renting a home. You are not covered by us. Most home owners are covered by their own insurance or your agent will write you a binder while in storage. Check with your Agent to be sure. Storage Insurance is available. Please feel free to call for more details.

When is my rent due?
Your rent is paid once a month on the anniversary of your contract date. If another date is more convenient, we can pro-rate your rent to accommodate your needs.

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